Gourmet experience in Basque Countries


South of France for passionate hikers

When thinking about France, people mostly start imagining Eiffel tower, croissants, wine, riviera, ski resorts, etc. Our first thought is probably never hiking. But did you know that European version of Grand Canyon is in France? That you can find crystal blue water just like in the Maldives, in France too?   Yes – France is a dream destination for hiking in picturesque nature. And you don’t need to be a professional hiker with all the gadgets, New Balance trainers will...

Discovering UK by car

 Have you ever wondered what the Loch Ness looks like? Ever wanted to visit Oxford – the famous University-city? See the home town of Manchester United? This is your chance to tick these dreams off your bucket list as we have done all the planning for you for this exciting road trip! This travel guide describes a journey that starts from London, England and finishes in Inverness Scotland. The course takes minimum 3-4 days and is being divided into 1,5 or 2 hour driving sessi...

The North Italian weekend getaway (with a little bit of Switzerland)

 I know that sometimes you wonder where to travel for a weekend getaway and you don’t come up with something amazing that excites you enough to open your laptop immediately to purchase your flight tickets.    I am a travel freak and always looking for something that excites me and could possibly give me memorable experiences for a lifetime. We all work hard to pay our pills but there really should be more joyful times when we enjoy our lives to the fullest.&nb...

A different kind of France: Normandy and Brittany

 Telling your friends that you’ll go to vacation in France, they’ll probably think you’ll either go to Paris or Cote d’Azur. But this is a road trip that will take you to another kind of France. Even the people in this region are different – there is no famous arrogance of the Parisians and people of the South. Although the weather in this region can be worse most of the time in the year – people are friendly and more than happy to help you out in Normandy and Brittany.&n...

Trip through the manors and castles of Estonia

 You are about to enter the birthplace of Rentalmoose! So welcome to Estonia – the country with the cleanest air, greenest forests and well, I have to mention, with Nordic temperatures.   This leads me saying that the best time to plan a trip to Estonia will definitely be European summer (let’s say from May to September). Although we do have some pretty awesome winters if you like loads of snow and frosty minus degrees (in Celsius).   But this current road...

New stars of the road trips: Croatia and Montenegro

For years and years many people have been going to their summer vacations to the Mediterranean countries but always the preferred ones have been Spain, France, Italy and Greece. Just during the latest years there are new and trendy hotspots – Croatia and Montenegro instead. And there is no wonder – they have the same natural beauty, crystal waters, lovely islands and cheaper prices! Well, to be totally honest the prices have increased in the latest years when tourists have bec...

Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Pura Vida – the magical word combination that we all are searching in this life. Simply translated Pura Vida means “pure life” or “simple life”. This is the moto of the people in Costa Rica. Not just a moto but actually a way of living. And shouldn’t it be the the same for all of us? So I decided to fly to Costa Rica and travel around the country by car to try and find this magical Pura Vida for myself as well. Costa Rica has it all – the rainforests, the volcano, ...

Experience the best of Bali

Experience the best of Bali Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Denpasar to Medewi- 80 kilometers (50 miles)📍 Medewi to Pemuteran- 90 kilometers (56 miles)📍 Pemuteran to Lovina Beach- 50 kilometers (31 miles)📍 Lovina Beach to Mount Batur- 70 kilometers (43 miles)📍 Mount Batur to Candi Dasa- 50 kilometers (31 miles)📍 Candi Dasa to Ubud- 50 kilometers (31 miles)📍 Ubud to Denpasar- 20 kilometers (12 miles)📍 410 kilome...

Discover Central Europe- Berlin to Warsaw Road Trip

Discover central Europe- Berlin to Warsaw road trip Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Berlin to Poznań- 270km📍 40 PLN Highway Toll (9.1 EUR) Poznań to Wrocław- 180km📍 Wrocław to Kraków- 270km📍36.2 PLN Highway Toll (8.2 EUR) Kraków to Warsaw- 300km📍 1 130 kilometers (700 miles) in total Tags: Travel guide, Poland, Europe, Drop-off at another location This guide takes you on a trip through the heart of central Eur...

Top places to visit in Germany's Black Forest

Top places to visit in Black Forest Germany Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Strasbourg to Gengenbach– 40km (25 miles) 📍  Gengenbach to Baden-Baden– 61km (38 miles) 📍 Baden-Baden to Allerheiligen Waterfalls– 45km (28 miles) 📍 Allerheiligen Waterfalls to Triberg Waterfalls– 69km (43 miles) 📍 Triberg Waterfalls to Hexenloch Mill– 23km (14 miles) 📍 Hexenloch Mill to Freiburg– ...

The ultimate California road trip

The ultimate road trip around California, Nevada, and Arizona. Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Los Angeles to Santa Barbara– 100 miles (160 km) 📍  Santa Barbara to Monterey– 230 miles (370 km) 📍 Monterey to San Francisco– 120 miles (190 km) 📍 San Francisco to Yosemite & Death Valley– 520 miles (840 km) 📍 Yosemite & Death Valley to Las Vegas– 130 miles (210 km) 📍 Las Vega...

The best of Florida- The Sunshine State

The Best Of Florida- The Sunshine State Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Miami to Key West- 170 miles📍 $6 Toll Key West/Miami to Daytona Beach- 430 miles📍 $25 Toll Daytona Beach to Orlando- 60 miles📍 $5 Toll Orlando to Tampa- 90 miles (145km)📍 $5 Toll Tampa to Naples- 170 miles (274km)📍   Naples to Everglades National Park- 90 miles (145km)📍  Everglades National Park to Miami- 30 miles (48km)📍&nb...

Australia's Great Ocean Road

Australia’s Great Ocean Road Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Melbourne to Torquay- 100 kilometers (60 miles)📍   Torquay to Lorne- 50 kilometers (30 miles)📍  Lorne to Kennett River- 20 kilometers (12 miles)📍  Kennett River to Apollo Bay- 20 kilometers (12 miles)📍  Apollo Bay to Twelve Apostles- 90 kilometers (55 miles)📍  Twelve Apostles to Colac- 80 kilometers (50 miles)📍  Col...

Iceland's Ring Road- Epic Loop Around Iceland

Iceland’s Ring Road- An Epic Loop Around Iceland Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Reykjavik to Vik- 190 kilometers (120 miles)📍   Vik to Hofn- 270 kilometers (170 miles)📍  Hofn to Egilsstadir-  250 kilometers (155 miles)📍  Egilsstadir to Akureyri- 250 kilometers (155 miles)📍  Akureyri to Reykjavik-  390 kilometers (240 miles)📍  1350 kilometers (840 miles) in total Tags: Travel...

The best day trips from Munich, Germany

The best day trips from Munich, Germany Click here for detailed directions Summary (the distance is one way) : Munich to the Neuschwanstein Castle- 110 kilometers (70 miles)📍   Munich to Salzburg and The Eagle’s Nest- 180 kilometers (110 miles)📍 Munich to Nuremberg- 170 kilometers (105 miles)📍 Munich to Stuttgart- 230 kilometers (140 miles)📍 Munich to Passau- 190 kilometers (120 miles)📍 880 kilometers (550 miles) in total + returns to Munich Tags: Trav...

Weekend Getaway Through Northern Italy

Weekend Getaway Through Northern Italy Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Milan to Lake Como– 51km (32 miles) – 1.7 EUR highway toll 📍 Lake Como to Bergamo– 62km (39 miles) 📍 Bergamo to Lago di Garda– 92km (57 miles)- 5.7 EUR 📍 Lago di Garda to Verona– 73km (45 miles), 2.2 EUR 📍 Verona to Venice– 116km (73 miles), 8.8 EUR 📍 360km (224 miles) in total Tags: Travel guide, Italy, ...

Exotic Road Trip Itinerary Across Malaysia and Singapore

Road Trip Itinerary Across Western Malaysia and Singapore Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Singapore to Malacca- 240 kilometers (150 miles) 📍  27 Ringgit highway toll and border crossing Malacca to Kuala Lumpur- 150 kilometers (95 miles) 📍20 Ringgit highway toll Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highlands- 250 kilometers (155 miles) 📍 Cameron Highlands to Penang- 250 kilometers (155 miles) 📍16 Ringgit highway toll Penang ...

The Sunny South of Italy

The Sunny South of Italy Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Bari to Gargano- 150 kilometers (90 miles)📍  Gargano to Naples- 230 kilometers (140 miles)📍 14.7 EUR highway toll Naples to Amalfi Coast- 70 kilometers (40 miles)📍 2.1 EUR highway toll Amalfi Coast to Matera- 220 kilometers (140 miles)📍  Matera to Lecce- 170 kilometers (105 miles)📍  Lecce to Bari- 150 kilometers (90 miles)📍  990 k...

Road Trip Across Spain's Costa del Sol and Andalucia

Road Trip Across Spain’s Costa Del Sol and Andalucia Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Malaga to Nerja– 60km (40 miles) 📍  Nerja to Granada– 95km (60 miles) 📍 Granada to Antequera– 100km (60 miles) 📍 Antequera to Ronda– 90km (60 miles) 📍 Ronda to Marbella– 65km (40 miles) 📍 Marbella to Gibraltar– 80km (50 miles)📍 (9.55 EUR Highway Toll) Gibraltar to Malaga– 140km (9...

Summer Getaway in Poland

A Summer Getaway in Poland Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Warsaw to Mikołajki- 220 kilometers (140 miles)📍   Mikołajki to Malbork– 240 kilometers (150 miles)📍   Malbork to Gdańsk– 60 kilometers (40 miles)📍   Gdańsk to Toruń– 170 kilometers (100 miles)📍  30 PLN Highway toll (6.6 EUR) Toruń to Łódź– 180 kilometers (110 miles)📍   Łódź to Warsaw–...

Scenic Road Trip Around The Swiss Alps

Scenic Road Trip Around The Swiss Alps Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Geneva to Chillon Castle- 100km (60 miles) 📍  Chillon Castle to Interlaken- 160km (100 miles) 📍 Interlaken to Andermatt- 120km (75 miles) 📍 Andermatt to Lugano- 110km (70 miles) 📍 Lugano to St Moritz- 120km (75 miles) 📍 St Moritz to Zurich- 200km (120 miles) 📍 810km (500 miles) total Tags: Travel guide, Drop-off at another location,...

Australia's East Coast Road Trip- Sydney to Melbourne

Australia’s East Coast from Sydney to Melbourne Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Sydney to Jervis Bay- 200 kilometers (125 miles)📍  Jervis Bay to Batemans Bay- 140 kilometers (85 miles)📍 Batemans Bay to Narooma- 70 kilometers (45 miles)📍 Narooma to Eden- 140 kilometers (85 miles)📍 Eden to Lakes Entrance- 240 kilometers (150 miles)📍 Lakes Entrance to Wilsons Promontory- 280 kilometers (175 miles)📍 Wilsons P...

Road Trip Through The Sunny Turkish Riviera

A trip through the sunny Turkish Riviera with Rentalmoose Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Antalya to Goynuk Canyon– 40km (25 miles) 📍  Goynuk Canyon to Phaselis and Olympus– 60km (40 miles) 📍 Olympus to Adrasan– 10km (6 miles) 📍 Adrasan to Fethiye– 200km (125 miles) 📍 Fethiye to Marmaris– 140km (85 miles) 📍 Marmaris to Bodrum– 170km (105 miles) 📍 620km (385 miles) in to...

Experience the best of Tuscany


Discover the natural beauty of Utah

Discover the Natural Beauty of Utah Click here for detailed directions Summary (click the red pins for directions) : Salt Lake City to Moab- 230 miles (370km) 📍   Moab to Goblin Valley- 100 miles (160km)📍  Goblin Valley to Capitol Reef- 60 miles (100km) 📍 Capitol Reef to Escalante- 70 miles (110km) 📍 Escalante to Bryce Canyon- 50 miles (80km) 📍 Bryce Canyon to Zion- 70 miles (110km) 📍 Zion to Las Vegas- 160 miles (260km) 📍 740 miles (1190km) in...
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